Out of Home Customer Service $25/hr to $45/hour




We're recruiting Out of Home (OOH) and Work From Home (WFH) customer service representatives nationwide in the US to fulfill upcoming contracts with local and national companies. We guarantee 15-20 hours per week with an hourly pay of between $25/hr and $45/hr, depending on the project. No experience required.

American Simple Services is a customer service based company specializing in OOH and WFH placement. We work with local and national companies on work ranging from simple customer service tasks to quick deliveries.

During your application process, reputable companies will determine your demographic and task/delivery profile to establish what projects would be suitable for you. These companies partner with us and will use ancillary services like apps, email and questionnaires to ensure the right workers are involved in the best projects.

Main Duties:

  • Simple customer service tasks like answering phones, scheduling appointments, quick deliveries
  • Keep track of miles driven on certain jobs
  • Read and strictly follow project guidelines and schedules provided by partner companies.
  • Write reviews, take pictures, track time spent on specific projects


  • Great ability to follow precise instruction
  • Great attention to detail and can-do attitude
  • Be able to drive to local business locations for specific tasks
  • Have access to a reliable vehicle, cell phone
  • 18 yrs of age or greater, No DUI's

A paid customer service driver position is perfect for an entry level opportunity, flexible or seasonal work, temporary or part time work. The hours are completely flexible and no experience is necessary. Must have access to a vehicle.


  • Very competitive par rate
  • Earn money from home
  • Earn extra money while running errands on your own time
  • Get paid to do something you'd already be doing

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