Loan Processor

Fairfield County Bank



Essential responsibilities include:

  1. Supports and promotes Bank sales and service culture, working closely with Loan Officers and borrower s attorneys.

  1. Opens and Processes new applications. Completes Loan Opening checklist. Performs Quality Control review of all data. Prepares Loan Estimate (LE) and provides all client disclosures within three business days of application date to ensure compliance. Sends disclosures electronically.

  1. Verifies Borrower(s) are eSign compliant and Intent to Proceed has been obtained.

  1. Orders Flood Determination, runs USPS address validation, orders Appraisal, obtains FHA case number. Processes all borrower fees.

  1. Verifies and corrects accuracy of loan data, including verifications, contracts, tax and income information, appraisal data.

  1. Initiates employer contact for verifications. Follow up on Appraisal orders to insure timely receipt. Send Appraisal to Borrower. Completes processing checklist to monitor outstanding items.

  1. Uploads and indexes all borrower documentation into eFolder.

  1. Inputs, processes and pre-underwrites loans. Ensures all disclosures have been updated and sent. Initiates change of circumstance throughout loan process.

  1. Monitors incoming verifications/documentation and reviews for completeness including condo questionnaire if applicable.

  1. Gets updated HO and flood certificates if applicable prior to clearing loan to close. Maintains tentative dates on closing calendar.

  1. Performs other duties as requested.

Job Requirements:

High School Diploma with additional training in mortgage banking. Minimum two years mortgage processing experience. Strong computer skills

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