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Part Time Dental Hygienist for Progressive and Safe Office Do you feel your employer has done EVERYTHING to keep you and your teammates safe? WE HAVE! Would you like the opportunity to work with a long-term team and dentist who encourages autonomy in your treatment decisions? Would you like the opportunity to have the time in your appointments to really get to know your patients and educate them about how dentistry can really help them? Would you like to work in the safest environment a dental office can provide? If so, we are the office for you to work 2-3 days per week. Preferably Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Here is what we've done to keep you, our patients and your teammates safe: Renovated our heating and air conditioning system so all air is circulated through an advanced filter called an "Air Scrubber", followed by a separate Ultraviolet sterilization of the air before return. Standalone UV and Air Purifiers in each treatment room. Standalone high volume vacuum system for reduction of aerosols Doors on each treatment room to help the purification system in each room act more efficiently. An Ultraviolet cabinet to sterilize all of our goggles, face shields and head-wear. We have removed all magazines and magazine racks. We have installed Plexiglas shields around our front desk. Limited seating in the reception area. Pulse Oximeter screening as a service to our patients because reduced oxygen levels in the blood indicates infection BEFORE any symptoms appear. Employment Type: Part Time Years Experience: Less than 1 year Bonus/Commission: No

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