Associate Security Officer

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A security officer is tasked with maintaining a safe and secure environment in his/her jurisdiction. He/she must be expert in detecting suspicious behavior and handling any criminal activity.ResponsibilitiesRegularly patrol the premises to create a feeling of safety and security to all personnel. Monitor any surveillance footage and act accordingly if there are any signs of illegal activity. Secure the infrastructure at the end of the day by locking doors, closing windows, arming alarms, and making sure there is no one left inside. Remove any trespassers or threats from the areaCall for backup if necessary.Provide aid to any people in need.Follows all legal protocol for security guardsFollows instructions whenever handling any equipment to ensure proper functionality.Filing any reports which include observations, surveillance information, information from witnesses, and any other information from the scene of the event.Protect people and property from theft, vandalism, or any other threat by safely removing it from the site or calling for backup to get it removed.Ensure compliance of people on the premises to various safety measures to prevent any injury or damage of property.Abide by all company rules and regulations or the rules of whatever area is being patrolSkillsKnowledgeable of the law and the rules of the area that is to be patrolledProficient in First AidCertified as a security officer.Very observant and aware of his/her surroundings. Knowledge of protocol for various safety hazards including but not limited to fires, trespassers, and thieves.Able to operate a surveillance systemFamiliar with the process of writing reports

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