McDonald's of Santa Fe

Santa Fe,NM


Crew Person - You don't want to work just anyplace, and you don't want to work just anytime. Maybe it's breakfast. Maybe it's lunch. Maybe it's late nights. Maybe it's weekends. Whatever it is, you want to be challenged. And have fun. We think we can fit in. For job openings on your schedule, give us a try. Introductory pay is based on our Santa Fe Living Wage which starts at $11.80. We offer our crew a 3-6 month evaluation with an opportunity for promotion to crew trainer upon completion of our cross-training crew trainer program. We believe that you get out what you put in to your experience at McDonald's of Santa Fe and we want our people to grow with us! We provide many benefits including free introductory uniforms, 50% off meals during break, flexible scheduling, and our Archways to Opportunity program which gives our people the opportunity to earn scholarship money towards college, or a high school diploma!!

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