Part-Time Custodian

Salvation Army USA




To provide cleaning services and maintenance assistance for Salvation Army building. Employee will work 25 hours a week. Regular daily schedule is from 8:00 am to 1:00 PM. Schedule could be adjusted temporarily due to weather or other events.


* Daily empty trash from all rooms and place in dumpster
* Make sure front door is open at 9:00 a.m.
* Sweep and mop all hard floor surfaces on daily basis
* Wash all glass surface as needed
* Dust and/or wash all tables and desks on daily basis
* Clean restroom fixtures, floors, and partitions daily
* Disinfect restroom floors daily
* Replace paper supplies and soap in restrooms as needed
* Do snow removal and salting as needed
* Keep back driveway clear of any debris as needed.
* Pick up outside building daily
* Vacuum all carpeted areas daily
* Set up rooms as needed
* Wash walls and doors as needed
* Change light bulbs as needed
* Perform other light maintenance as needed
* Strip and wax floors as needed
* Buff floors as needed
* Make sure Chapel is ready for church services Friday
* Help Load and unload donations as needed
* Must keep inventory of Janitorial supplies and let Corps Commanding Officers know when to purchase more supplies.
* Must keep inventory of the corps utility tools and keep janitor and utility room in order.
* The Part Time Custodian is responsible to the Corps Commanding Officers to perform any additional assignments under their direction


* Must be able to do heavy lifting
* Must have a valid New York State Driver's License with clean driving record
* Must have prior maintenance experience
* Must have completed High School or Equivalent.
* Must have basic knowledge of tools and maintenance routines

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