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Supplying award-winning, mobile field service technicians for over twenty years

CCI is one of the nation's largest providers of managed mobile field services. Over the last 20 years, we've become an industry leader by successfully developing a unique model that exceeds customer and client service expectations. Through active monitoring, management and direct relationships with our technicians, CCI consistently delivers award-winning customer service for our clients.
Core objectives:

  • Provide a highly sought-after workforce to major industry partners
  • Provide work to our field technicians
Satellite Cable Technician
  • $2000 New Tech Bonus
  • $2500 Experienced Tech Bonus
  • $1000 Tech referrals
  • $1000 Mentor pay for taking new technicians on ride alongs
  • $50,000+ average earnings $80,000 top performers

Satellite Cable Technicians use web based applications to receive work assignments from major industry partners in subscriber based video and broadband retail services where they status work orders, invoice labor, track customer inventory and product returns, monitor performance data, payments and purchases.

Satellite Cable Technicians provide the ultimate "Customer Experience" from in app on time arrival to the customer signed service agreement upon completion of labor.

Although work assignments and customer equipment is all provided by CCI, Satellite Cable Technicians are compensated within established pay rates for self-providing their own work van, insurance, tools and approved materials required to complete work.

As the top performing sub-contractor to major industry providers, CCI awards $2000 to new technicians after they complete their first 25 jobs, $1000 per new technician referred and $1000 Mentoring pay for offering Ride Alongs to new technicians.

CCI boasts the highest pay grades on the market. Our outstanding pay for performance incentive platform elevates the average new technician's pay above and beyond any other company in the industry.

It's our collective top level performance that has the major providers clamoring to give us more work than we can handle and why we're paying such lucrative incentives to brand new technicians with little to no experience.
Typical work week:
  • 3-5 work orders per day
  • 5-6 days per week (ALL weather)
  • Regular weekends, share holidays
Common pay examples:
  • $40-$55 service calls
  • $100 TV mounts
  • $87-110 single receiver installs
  • $134-157 4 receiver installs
  • $179+ broadband & single video combo installs
Pay Grades:
  • Pay grade levels each average $10 per work order above the last, generating a staggering difference in weekly pay
  • Pay Grades are performance driven and are limited to the individual technicians industry certifications. We help you get the certs. you need to make great money
  • Performance data measures everything important to major industry partners: work order completion rates, warranty claims, customer satisfaction, system integration with internet, and in home product sales and commission work.
Pay Schedule:
  • Pay Grades are updated twice per month
  • WEEKLY direct deposit begins two weeks AFTER the first week is completed
  • Sign on bonus pays after 25 completed work orders
  • We pay you $5,000 dollars to refer 5 new techs.
Blue collar action:
  • Driving, windshield time
  • Labor: digging, shoveling, carrying, climbing, drilling, kneeling, crawling
  • In home suggested sales and bonus commission work
  • Climb tall ladders and work at scary heights on rooftops
  • Work in small attics and tight crawl spaces
  • Deal with all types of customers, most are great, some are not, they all pay the same :)
  • Work in the elements
  • Work in web based applications
Task examples:
  • Planting poles in yards
  • Mounting antennas to rooftops
  • Shallow bury cable
  • Install cable lines through crawl spaces, inside walls, attics, around homes and under trailers
  • Program remotes and teach customers to use their system
  • Up-sell a Nest doorbell
  • Self-manage inventory and invoices
  • Self-monitor and improve performance metrics
  • Make more money than you did last week
Professional personalities thrive:
  • Customer service soft skills
  • Blue collar toughness
  • Dependable, consistent availability
  • Entrepreneurial, can do solo attitude
  • Self-manage inventory and invoicing - important financial details
  • Professional, sharp appearances in both personal and vehicle presentation
Basic skills:
  • General low voltage exposure - Have you connected speaker wires, phone lines or Ethernet cables?
  • Basic audio and video signal paths - Can you setup a gaming system with a smart TV?
  • Home theater and surround sound component wiring - You know who you are :)
Must have to start:
  • White Van or Truck
  • Clean criminal history, clean driving record, passing drug screen
  • 18 years of age (minimum) to sign a legal contract
We walk you through on-boarding:
  • Self-insure your business
  • Pass background check and drug screen
  • Sport the official badge
  • Connect with Senior Tech Mentors to learn the business the right way
  • Obtain system logins and passwords
  • Your market manager will load you up with needed inventory, tools and supplies and you'll start making great money
First steps:
  • Complete the 2 minute application & click to upload your resume
  • The website will prompt you to connect live with a recruiter

After verifying your application, we'll evaluate you for placement or we may recommend another position if we feel you aren't right for this role. Aggressive candidates tend to be more qualified so click the Apply button, now.

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