Custom Maid, LLC



Custom Maid is a local residential cleaning company looking to grow our team by recruiting positive people who want to make a difference! We are always looking for people with a positive attitude and a desire to help others. We know this job can provide lasting satisfaction, great exercise, new skills and personal responsibility. One important requirement is that you must be AWESOME!!!

How do we define AWESOME?
Go-Getter: You have a hard time sitting at a desk all day because you like to move and stay busy. You Follow Directions and have a keen Eye For Detail - you notice little things that others miss.
Excellent Communication Skills: You know how to listen to others and express yourself clearly.
Must LOVE Cleaning: This is essential. We thrive on ensuring our clients experience the feeling of entering a clean environment. To be successful, you must feel the same way.
Early Bird: You are a morning person who loves to start their day with a BANG!
Optimist: You see the glass as half full & don't allow challenges to derail your day.
Eagerness to Grow & Learn: You give 100% all the time are always looking for the opportunity to improve. You like feedback and strive to do your best.
Multi-tasker: You can rub your belly & pat your head at the same time. When given big projects with many small pieces, you say "BRING IT ON!"

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