Museum Attendant Guard, Security & Safety (Day Shift)

American Museum of Natural History

New York,NY


The Museum Attendant Guard will be assigned as an exhibition hall attendant or as a cleaner. When assigned as an exhibition hall attendant, will be responsible for the protection of exhibits, etc., from vandals and undesirable persons, patrolling and guarding hall or halls, maintaining proper temperatures during the heating season as instructed by supervisor.When assigned as a cleaner, may work at one or more of the following details: heavy cleaning after construction work; scrubbing floors with machines, removing old wax from floors, re-waxing and buffing; shoveling snow from steps, walks and driveways; cleaning outside yards, plazas, walks, driveways, stairways, etc. May perform other duties as assigned.When assigned as a security guard, advises public of location of other halls, lavatories, etc. Answers questions where possible, referring others to supervisor or information desks. May be assigned as attendant in the auditorium or other meeting areas for various types of programs.when assigned as a cleaner, may be assigned each day to clean public or nonpublic areas including exhibition halls, offices, laboratories, restrooms, workrooms, shops, stairways, corridors, etc. Cleaning procedures include but are not limited to emptying waste receptacles, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping glass, washing toilets, urinals and wash basins. Also, replenishing paper towel, toilet paper and soap or any other cleaning related task that needs to completed.when assigned as a guard, reports existence of suspicious persons to supervisor or ext. 5222, and monitors them until relieved. Keeps children under control, either in organized groups or as individuals. Reports to supervisor any damage to exhibits, unsafe conditions, loose floor tiles, torn window shades, etc., also any unusual occurrences such as minor accidents, and other cases requiring additional help or authority. Notifies supervisor and Control of any report of lost children or other persons in need, and assists in searching for them. Responds to exhibit case or fire alarms and reports conditions by radio to Control. Performs fire watch duties as directed, and assists in emergency evacuation of visitors and staff when required. When assigned to night shifts, performs safety and hazard patrols throughout public and all non-public areas.

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