Maintenance Worker/District

Espanola Public Schools



QUALIFICATIONS:Repairs and maintains machinery, plumbing, physical structure and electrical wiring and fixtures in accordance with blueprints, manuals, building codes and district maintenance policy.* The maintenance worker is responsible for the day -to-day care, upkeep, maintenance, and repair of district facilities and equipment, as assigned by the maintenance supervisor or other immediate supervisor.* These duties include major and minor repairs as expertise and equipment available allow. 3. A maintenance worker may be assigned on a temporary, rotating, or permanent status to any of the facilities of the district commensurate with the district facility needs.* This type of position requires strength and stamina to perform strenuous tasks in varied working conditions.* Must possess and maintain a current New Mexico Driver's license.* Maintenance worker must be capable of lifting at least 60 pounds and have the ability to perform all essential functions and physical demands.EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED:Must be knowledgeable in the following areas:* Inspection of machinery and mechanical equipment defects.* Dismantling of machines or equipment to gain access to defective parts and repairs them, using hand tools.* Replace rubber drive belts on machines* Clean, lubricate shafts, bearings, gears, pulleys and other parts of machine, using rags, brushes and grease gun.* Measure, cut, and install pipe and tubing for water and hydraulic lines, using ratchet, cutting die and threading die.* Repairs and replaces gages, valves, pressure regulators and other plumbing equipment and opens clogged drains, using plunger and plumbers' tools.* Repairs and/or replace fixtures as needed.* Make and repair counters, benches, partitions, and other wooden structures, using saws, braces, bits and other carpenter's tools.* Paint walls, floors, woodwork, and fixtures using spray gun and/or or brushes.* Replace and repair brick and plaster walls, using trowel and other tools necessary for masonry work.* Operates welding equipment and performs welding tasks as needed (if qualified).* May perform occasional unskilled and manual labor tasks.* Assist with planning and installation of landscaping materials, including fences and walls, and provides care and maintenance of landscape areas.* Assist with care and maintenance of walkways, roadways, and other traffic areas, including snow removal as necessary.* Perform other work related duties as assigned: e.g. pick up delivery of supplies, tools, equipment as may be needed for district events such as meetings or other similar events.

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