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Position Title:Public SpaceDepartment: HousekeepingReports to: Executive Housekeeper, Housekeeping SupervisorStatus: Hourly Non-Exempt

Summary of Position

Responsible for the cleanliness of entire lobby; all entrances, including glass doors, windows; Men's and Ladies Rooms; Front Office Reception; Lounge; Shops. Also, to perform other miscellaneous jobs as requested by senior housekeeping aide or housekeeping manager. Maintenance and cleanliness of all equipment used by him/her. Must be hospitable to our guests and other associates. Previous housekeeping experience preferred.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Check with management to determine if any special situations are present so that you can give them immediate attention.
  • Respond to guest requests that come over the radio or via Guest Ware, complete written guest requests (green sheet) during am or mid-shift
  • Use Public Space check list as main guideline for daily tasks and sign off accordingly ensure offices get cleaned according to check list (HR daily, Exec. Office twice a week)
  • Check men's and ladies rooms, sweep up and remove trash, clean sinks, mirrors, toilets.
  • Supply paper, soap and towels to all bathrooms (guest and employee).
  • Proceed to lobby: Vacuum the carpeted area and dust all furniture, pictures and lamps.
  • When dusting the lamps, check to make sure all bulbs are working and dust free. Light diffusers at Front Desk should be washed once a week.
  • Table tops should always be clean and wiped own and dust legs of tables.
  • Sofas and chairs are cleaned by brushing them with a clean brush used only for this purpose. Move cushions daily, since dust and other items can be found between and under them.
  • Dust mop lobby marble floor.
  • Clean convention center corridor walls, baseboards and floors.
  • Clean all Guest elevators, dust down inside and vacuum carpets.
  • Change front carpets when soiled or spotty. Clean ones are kept in housekeeping.
  • Clean all main entrances; make sure glass and frames are clear and spotless.
  • Vacuum floors, empty trash cans, tidy furniture. Make sure glass doors are clean and free of finger marks. Lobby has to be in spotless condition.
  • Men's and Ladies Rooms have to be checked on an hourly basis to assure cleanliness; during lunch hour go and check more often.
  • Responsible to clean daily all locker and toilet rooms, designated to associates. Do hourly checks to keep them tidy and supplied with toilet paper, soap and paper towels.
  • During the daily cleaning, special attention will be given to the following items:
    • Concrete floor and stairwells swept and mopped and stripped as needed.
    • Service elevators: clean walls, dust all light diffusers, vinyl tile floors swept and mopped.
    • Clean off spots or marks on all walls and ceilings.
    • Dust air conditioning vents and exhaust.
    • Garbage Rooms: dump all trash in the dumpster, clean all walls.
    • Associates Locker Rooms: tidy up locker room, empty trash, restock items and wash all lavatories, toilets and urinals with disinfectant
    • Empty trash cans in all areas as needed.
    • Clean mirrors in all areas as needed.
  • Accept and carry out any special assignments given to you by Senior Housekeeping, Housekeeping Manager or Supervisor.
  • Attend all departmental staff meetings.
  • Keep all of your equipment clean, well maintained and stored in designated utility room.
  • Keep your work area clean and stocked with supplies for your work.
  • PM shift refills and organizes chemical bottles for housekeepers

Essential Functions

  • Ability to verbally communicate effectively with guests and co-workers.
  • Prolonged periods of standing and/or walking.
  • Ability to visually check work, work area, and hotel space.
  • Minimum lifting of 50 pounds.

Please do not contact the Hotel about application status.
Hiring Managers will only contact those who meet the job requirements.

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