Shipping/Supply Chain Analyst

Sensient Technologies Corporation

Saint Louis,MO


Job Summary:

This position directs the daily load for the shipping department in order to fulfill customer orders on time. Job duties are to make sure picks are printed with timely delivery to maintain an appropriate workload to shipping and traffic personnel, while maintaining 98% OTD.
Ensures through daily reviews of open order reports that all picks are at some point in the process towards completion, fulfilling the end process of the order flow and the end of the workday for shipping.
Routes and builds shipments, within established guidelines, to ensure consolidation, cost effectiveness, and timely service for customer satisfaction. Interacts with customer service, planning and other departments, regarding exceptions to the customer order fulfillment process, shipping capacity constraints, and ability to accommodate order changes.
Ensures that the Traffic Office is processing orders and that shipments are moving on time.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Review and verify all outbound shipments

Ensure shipping is cost effective

Investigate an issues on shipments and assist with resolving customer inquiries.

Audit and approve all freight bills

Manage batch reservation program & manual reservation of resources to customer orders, within established lead times

Review open order reports several times throughout the day to ensure resources are available or contacting appropriate CSRs, planners, or inventory control to review

Review future order reports and back order reports to troubleshoot advance issues concerning availability versus required dates

Manage pick validation, to ensure all picks are in the process of completion and have been accounted for in the process

Monitor daily shipment to ensure that they are completed and moved in system to 580/620

Print and review of picks, within established lead times. This requires review of each point of pick to provide workable picks for the shipping floor. Picks are then passed onto the shipping floor within established guidelines

Ensure outbound carrier activity to service customer's requirements while keeping costs contained/competitive, according to established guidelines

Communicate regularly with shipping floor, warehouse personnel, traffic office, planners and customer service, to discuss schedule feasibility, floor lead times, mode lead times, product availability and other situations that impact the customer order fulfillment process

Route, build, consolidate and configure shipments, within established guidelines to ensure timely service and cost effectiveness for efficient service to customers

Utilize the Consolidation Report to minimize loads to affiliates, LTLs, FTL and containers

Upon receiving communication from customer service, responsible to change existing printed picks

Communicate requirements for and coordinate retrieval of materials from outside warehouses to fulfill customer orders in a timely manner

Prepare and disseminate paperwork and maintains logs for material sterilization at outside facilities

Print labels as needed, necessary to the shipping process

Maintain open order and late order reports. Essential for other department managers and personnel review

Utilize the JDE Reports to effectively plan shipping work load on floor and in Traffic Office

Prioritize and advise workload for shipping personnel along with maintaining proper lead-time of physical picks, consistent working relationship and interaction with shipping peers is vital

Assist Shipping Supervisor, Logistics Manager and other Shipping & Receiving personnel with special projects

Maintain familiarity with duties of the Shipping Supervisor to ensure and perform all traffic office processes to complete order fulfillment as needed

Maintains daily activities in the Traffic Office, including ERP issues, etc.

Interacts with IT on shipping issues due to ERP System or RF devices.

Responsible for seeking improved ways to better serve customers, both internally and externally.

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