Job Description


CLASSIFICATION: FLSA non-exempt (entitled to overtime pay)


REPORTS TO: Operations/Manufacturing Manager

We are looking for hard working people, that can work with in a team based setup, and be willing to learn everything about how to build our machines.


  • Execute mechanical and electrical work
  • Work with a team to assemble entire products or components. (Teamwork is essential. Our policy is that the guys on the floor do the hiring and the firing. If you don't fit the team, the group as a whole will make that decision.)
  • Rotate through all tasks (We mean ALL tasks, which are described below.)
  • Conduct quality inspections on products and parts (go through a few checklists and know what you are looking for)
  • Prepare finished products for shipment
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area

Common tasks:

  • Build electrical panels (We start with an empty back panel and the end product is an elaborate Industrial Control Panel with contactors, relays, PLC and 1 mile of wires).
  • Build the equipment frame and skin (We design the whole machine, but we outsource the metal parts. Once they come in, we do some welding for the base frame and a lot of assembly on the sheet metal parts, which is what gives the machine "the looks" as you can see in our website).
  • Braze and solder copper and brass (Since we build refrigeration equipment, there is a lot of copper lines from 3/8" to 3-1/8" that needs to be brazed. There is a lot of brazing going on in our shop. This is a skill that you can learn here, even if you already know how to do it).
  • Assemble the machine (Literally bolt, join, pull, move, and lift all parts in place. Of course you will use cranes and forklifts for this task).
  • Wire the machine. (Once the Control Panel is mounted to the unit, all the components and sensors must be wired back to the Control Panel. There is quite a few wires that need to be pulled and sensors that need to be connected).
  • Test the equipment. (This is the last step, and maybe the most fun. Once all abilities are acquired, you need to learn how to actually run/use what you built).
  • Organize and clean. (There is no such thing as "I am not paid for this". Sometimes we need to clean the floor, the roof, the bathroom, empty trash cans. This is basic stuff, and everybody is accountable for it).


  • Previous experience in manufacturing, assembly, or other related fields
  • Familiarity with assembly tools and equipment (drills, impact, wrench, screw drivers)
  • Ability to handle physical workload (sometimes the work is heavy, and the Augusta summer is not forgiving. But our shop has air conditioning, which helps a lot).
  • Ability to work well in teams (this is a must)
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment (Things that take 100 hrs sometimes have to be built in 80)

DESIRED SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND TRAINING (Those are desired skills. AIR will train and teach you on all required skills):

  • Know how to read mechanical and electrical drawings (the machines have a very specific blueprint that must be followed. If you know the basics you are good, but be sure that you will be looking at 100 different drawings throughout the day).
  • Technical Collage certification/training preferred
  • Some experience in HVAC/R (if you know the difference between a condenser and an evaporator you are on the right track)
  • Some experience in Electrical (no worries if you don't have it, but be prepared to learn it).
  • Skilled and experienced in mechanical assembly
  • Familiarity and experienced with PLC's (we use Allen Bradley and Carel; if you can program in Ladder Logic it is fantastic, if you can't no worries, you can learn one day)
  • Experienced and willing to perform other shop duties to meet production needs (a.k.a.: be useful to others, offer help, and be willing to teach and learn)


  • Requires prolonged stooping, bending, kneeling, standing and lifting
  • Must be able to weld while wearing all required PPE (if you are going to weld)
  • Must have the endurance to work until the job is done

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