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Job Description

Position Summary:

As a host you will be the first thing that our guest see when they enter the restaurant and you will be the last thing they see when they leave. Our hospitality is built on smile and understanding the needs of other people even when you are on the busiest shift. Even though hosts seem like they have lots of fun, they are actually responsible for handling the energy and pace of whole establishment so great organizational skills are very important. Hosts are the one to manage reservations, seating strategy and rotation, and communicate with other departments to ensure the timely seating of our guests to a table which best serves their wishes. If you love to be the one informing the servers that someone should get the cake with the candle, then this is a position for you.

Here is the list of things to help you out through out the shift:

Greets and acknowledges guests in a friendly and courteous manner.
Whenever possible, opens the front door for guests arriving or leaving the restaurant.
Manages reservations using the established reservation system and ensures accurate information of guest information into our database during each booking.
Provides guests who cannot be seated immediately with accurate wait times, always in a pleasant fashion and while taking care to listen to the guest and ensure they are at ease with the response.
Communicates special events or requests to managers and appropriate staff to ensure they are accommodated.
Maintains knowledge of menu items, restaurant promotions, hours of operation, basic knowledge of the neighborhood, parking and valet availability, restaurant address and telephone number, important email and telephone contacts for event or marketing referrals, etc.
Consistently performs opening, closing and running sidework including, but not limited to: cleaning of menus, organization of host stand, coat check closets, storage areas, cleaning of storefront windows or doors, regular checking and maintenance of restrooms, etc.
Checks regular email account for reservations and for any other messages which require referral to mangers, chefs, events team, or other management for further action.
Regularly checks voicemail system for messages, takes accurate messages from incoming callers, and relays these to the proper management personnel.
Accommodate special seating requests for guests whenever possible without negatively impacting other guests experience.
Takes care not to walk far ahead of guests, and is engaging with conversation while leading to tables.
Ensures that guests are never led to approach a table until it is fully set. Waits until all guests are seated before distributing menus.
Thanks guests as they leave and invites them to return. Relays guest comments or suggestions to manager on duty, and offers to introduce guests to a manager when appropriate.

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