Car Porter/Car Washer/Valet

Towne BMW



Objective: To maintain high levels of service department sales and customer satisfaction by assisting BMW team members with all aspects of customer handling.
Maintain a neat and orderly environment by performing various service support functions.Responsibilities:Porter
* Greet and direct customers to the proper location
* Move vehicles from write up area to appropriate parking area
* Pick-up and deliver customers as requested
* Maintain a high level of cleanliness in and around the Service Department
* Assist Advisor s as needed
* Clean and refuel loaners
* Perform other duties as directed by supervisor to achieve the goals and objectives of the service department and dealership Maintenance
* Periodically straighten up waiting room and washrooms
* Assist in upkeep of building and grounds (picking up papers cigarette butts, pull weeds, etc )
* Assist with cleanliness of customer lounge and bathrooms Winter Duties:
* Remove and keep snow off vehicles
* Keep entrance and exit of service doors and drive clear of snow and ice
* Keep walkways clear
* Assist with snow removal from lot Service Car Washer Ensure service vehicles are thoroughly cleaned after appointment and ready for customer delivery or pick up.
Objective is to maximize customer satisfaction through proper scheduling and good communications.
Detailed vehicles are the dealerships true first impression You never get a second chance to make a good first impression .

* Wash Service customer vehicles either use automatic car wash or if backed up manually clean vehicleBMW VEHICLES(after service) :Cleaning includes - Wash and dry exterior, Vacuum interior, Spot clean interior, Interior windows (minimum three), Buff exterior if requested, Wax exterior, Exterior windows, Tire dressings BMW Valet - Transport customers or their vehicles in a friendly, professional and stress-free manner.
* Promptly greet service customers in a friendly, courteous, and outgoing manner
* Drive vehicles to appropriate place in lot and park safely or retrieve vehicle for customer pick-up
* Keep drive-thru clear of vehicles at all times
* Move vehicles in and out of technician stalls very carefully
* Maintain cleanliness in customer vehicles
* Working with customers who need assistance with vehicle functions and technology
* Assist management with dealership lot maintenance and parking Additional Responsibilities (PROFESSIONALISM/INTEGRITY)
* Promote dealership by presenting professional image (Uniform with name tag at all times), positive attitude
* Present self as a positive role model by demonstrating commitment to other employees, customers, dealership and company
* Maintains high ethical standards in daily activities
* Always remain busy - Volunteer.
It broadens your skill base, expands your network, and keeps your mind active.
Look for opportunities where you can add new skills to your current list of responsibilities. Customer Satisfaction
* Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, customers and vendors
* Promptly and courteously greet customers
* Ability to solve problems with customers and/or other employees (ALARMS)A Acknowledge there is a problemL Listen to customer (let them vent)A Ask questions to verify the problemR Re-State the problem (to understand completely)M Mutually discussed solutions What the customer needs S Set follow up (to make sure it doesn t happen again) Feedback Indicators:
* Attendance, punctuality and dependability are essential
* Camaraderie
* CSI - No complaints from customers (External or Internal)
* No Damage to vehicles Knowledge, Skill, and Experience (
* High School diploma or general education degree (GED)
* Valid / Clean NYS driver s license
* Ability to drive standard transmission
* Ability to drive light trucks Physical Requirements: (Walking, lifting, equipment, operation, etc.) The physical and work demands listed below are representative of the demands on the job required to perform the primary duties and responsibilities successfully.
Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable the Lot Coordinator to perform the primary duties and responsibilities.
* Bending, stretching, lifting, reaching and climbing
* Walking miles per day
* Driving a vehicle
* Utilizing physical and manual dexterity
* Lifting up to 50 lbs.
* Using computers to look up and enter data Working Conditions:
* Noise, Vibration, Fumes (ex: exhaust fumes, paint), Dust, Extreme heat or cold Towne Mission:Mission Statement Towne Automotive Group is committed to continuous improvement, growth and profitability by exceeding customer s expectations and creating lifetime customers.
The function of every employee is to maintain and acquire customers. Towne believes every position in which a candidate is selected for is of value and strong importance to the overall mission of the dealership.
Each employee plays a strategic role to the everyday business operation, goals, and success of the business.
Towne prides itself in making your work experience fulfilling.
Towne values integrity, customer focus, experience, creativity, and efficiency.
Together, we can accomplish anything.

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