Senior Star



Responsible for ensuring that all dishes, pots and pans are properly washed and stored correctly in order to positively contribute to the dining experience. Responsible for ensuring the safety of our residents.

Essential Job Functions:

Responsible for Kitchen Duties

  • Washes all dishes, cooking utensils and pots and pans
  • Uses proper sanitizing soap to clean dishes and utensils
  • Uses equipment in a safe manner
  • Ensures that all dishes, pots, pans, etc. are free of water before storing
  • Delivers room trays
  • Follows all health department guidelines, safety practices and infection control practices
  • Understands proper emergency response procedures

Responsible for Keeping the Kitchen Area Clean

  • Puts all groceries away
  • Empties all kitchen trash
  • Keeps area clean and dry at all times
  • Keeps dish room walls and pots and pans cleaned and wiped down at all times
  • Sweeps and mops all kitchen floors and outside hallway every evening, using wet floor signs
  • Mops walk-in when needed
  • Hoses down outside back door area when needed
  • Cleans dish machine nightly
  • De-limes dishwasher regularly
  • De-limes the stainless steel area when necessary
  • Cleans and sanitizes areas at all times

Who We Are:

We are committed to helping you realize the power you have to make a difference. Whether it is a process you are involved in, a person you want to serve, or a cause you care about, YOU have the capacity to make a difference.

Senior Star's mission is to Unite and Serve. Being part of the Senior Star family means you are committed to being exceptional stewards and thoughtful spokespeople. We are looking to attract and retain a diverse group of associates, who are united by standards of excellence and thoughtful in how they act, think, and communicate in life, especially in regard to those we serve. Everyone who has high aspirations, who believes in doing good for each person with whom they come into contact, and who is committed to making a difference in the world, YOU will thrive as Senior Star continues to grow!

Our Promise is Senior Star's commitment to you and those you serve. Will you commit to our promise? It begins with seeing the treasure in everyone, and approaching each situation as if the person you are serving were your son, daughter, your partner, your parent or grandparent... with love, compassion and respect.

Senior Star is ranked #3 Best Place to Work in Aging Services by Forbes Magazine!

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