Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar



Primary Responsibilities: To serve food, drinks, and to accommodate guests

needs in a courteous and timely manner following Applebee s Ten Basic Service


Specific Functions and Duties:

  1. Delivers food and drinks to guests using Applebee s team delivery system (65%*).
  2. Greet guests, answers questions, makes suggestions regarding food, drinks, and service (20%*).
  3. Interacts verbally with all guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere (15%*).
  4. Relays orders to service bar and kitchen via the point-of-sale computerized
  5. register system (10%*).
  6. Observes guests and responds to any additional requests (10%*).
  7. Presents guest check to each table and accepts a form of payment. Makes correct change and/or completes the proper charge card procedure (10%*).
  8. Participates in the clearing and resetting of dining room tables (10%*).

Qualification Standards:

  1. Ability to wipe down table tops, table legs, pick up debris off of the floor and wipe down booth seats in all areas of the restaurant.
  2. Transports plates, glasses and baskets to and from dining room, service bar, and the kitchen about 30 times per shift.
  3. Reading, writing, basic math and verbal communication skills required.
  4. Mobility required during the entire shift.
  5. Transports glass racks and cases up to 25 pounds (such as a case of beer) up to 15 times per shift.
  6. Physical:

    Must be able to stand and exert fast-paced mobility for periods of up to four

    (4) hours in length. Must have good sense of balance, be able to bend and

    kneel and have the ability to lift and bus pans, and trays frequently weighing

    25 pounds.

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