Service Assistant

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar



Primary Responsibilities: Provides assistance to the service, bartending and

host/hostess staff to help maintain the smooth operation of guest service in the


Specific Functions and Duties:

  1. Busses tables and provides assistance to servers with guest needs (40%*).
  2. Interacts with all guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere (15%*).
  3. Carries food and drinks to all areas of the restaurant throughout the entire shift (10%*).
  4. Provides refills of beverages to guest (5%*).
  5. Checks and ensures the overall cleanliness of the restrooms on a routine basis (5%*).
  6. Restocks bar items for bartenders, i.e., glasses, bar garnishes, ice, beer (5%*).
  7. Restocks service items for servers, i.e., glasses, ice (5%*).
  8. Empties trash cans when needed (5%*).
  9. Participates in rolling silverware (5%*).
  10. Completes assigned cleaning duties (5%*).

Qualification Standards:

  1. Mobility required during the entire shift.
  2. Ability to wipe down table tops, table legs, pick up debris off of the floor and wipe down booth seats in all areas of the restaurant.
  3. Capable of using knives, slicing equipment, and other food preparation equipment.
  4. Transports glass racks and cases (such as a case of beer) up to 25 pounds up to 15 times a shift.


Must be able to stand and exert fast-paced mobility for periods of up to four

(4) hours in length and to lift, bend, and stoop. Must have the ability to

frequently lift and carry bus tubs, trays, and other objects weighing 25

pounds or more.

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