Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Applied Materials Finishing



Applied Materials Finishing is now hiring Mechanical Maintenance Technicians.

As a Mechanical Maintenance Technician you are responsible for installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing machinery.

Education requirements

Must have a degree from a tech school or equivalent.

Experience requirements

A minimum of 4 years of electrical experience is required. Experience with high voltage 480 and ISO 9001/2015 is helpful.


Clear understanding of lockout tagout procedures.
Analytical and a creative problem-solver.
Must work well with a group and independently.
Must have a positive attitude.
Must make sound judgments and be mentally competent.
Must be organized and dependable.
Must be professional and ethical.
Knowledge of spreadsheet software and Microsoft Word.


Implement and execute preventive maintenance program, which includes: cleaning and greasing of equipment, replacing motor and belts, installing power supply wiring and conduit for newly installed machines and equipment such as robots, conveyors, and programmable controllers.
Connect power supply wires to machines and equipment.
Connect cables and wires between machines and equipment.
Diagnose malfunctioning apparatus such as transformers, motors, gearing, valves, and lighting fixtures and replace damaged or broken wires and cables.
Test malfunctioning machinery to diagnose problems.
Replace faulty electrical components of machine such as relays, switches, and motors, and position sensing devices.
Replace electric motor bearings.
Diagnose and replace faulty mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components of machines and equipment.


Ability to read and interpret employee handbooks, safety, and equipment manuals.
Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in written form.
Ability to create and attain goals and objectives.

Work hours

Monday-Friday, 7am-3:30pm

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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