Customer Service Sales Representative- Entry Level

Codis Group

New Brunswick,NJ


Sense of Humor Required! Account Management- Entry Level

Are you ridiculously good looking? Do you have a way of smooth talking yourself in, or out, of most situations? If the answer is yes, than read on.

Codis Group represents Fortune 50 clients and specializes in a one-to-one customer service approach that requires flair, panache, zest, and charisma. In order for us to meet our clients growth demands, we are looking for an individual that has some, if not all of these character traits. If you feel like you possess these attributes then venture even further.

Measure yourself alongside our top Customer Relations Managers:

  • Ninjas wouldn't be able to stop us from making a triple-decker sandwich while rescuing a baby from a burning building. Chuck Norris doesn't have these skillsets.

Let's get down to business. Daily responsibilities of Customer Relations Managers include but are not limited to:

  • Training in sales management and business development

  • Meeting and retaining existing clients

  • Acquiring and establishing new business accounts

  • Executing presentations customized to the needs of the individual

  • Attending business meetings for product knowledge, training, development, networking etc..

  • Partake in job training exercises for human resource experience and team management


  • Career advancement opportunity- Codis Group trains for future managers long term

  • Financial rewards

  • Time off for Major Holidays

  • Training and Development opportunities

  • Domestic and International travel opportunities

What we look for:

  • Do you work well in teams? Are you the top wolf of your wolf-pack?

  • Do you have impeccable integrity? How many elderly citizens have you helped across the road lately?

  • Are you a hard worker? Or do you prefer take-out because the refrigerator is just... a little... too far... away?

  • Are you a good student? Or would you skip class to catch some tasty waves?

But really though...

Codis Group is looking for a candidate with the following characteristics:

  • Integrity

  • Dependable

  • Upbeat

  • Ambitious

  • Friendly

  • Willing to learn new things

We also require:

  • A 4 year college degree or equivalent work experience

  • Great organizational skills

  • A good communicator

Sound like you? Reach out to us! We are looking to invest in the right individual to grow with us to new heights!

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