Associate Trust Officer - Settlement

Raymond James Financial

Saint Petersburg,FL


**Associate Trust Officer- Settlements**

**Department:** **Raymond JamesTrust**

**Location:** **Raymond JamesFinancial, St. Petersburg Home Office**

**Relocation/Telecommute** **: Relocation assistance will not beprovided; Remote work will not be considered.**

**Job Summary:**

**Raymond James Trust hiring a qualified Associate Trust Officer to administer our Personal Trust,Estate, and Agency Accounts as an exemplary representative of Raymond JamesTrust. Special focus for this particularrole will be on estate and trust settlements.**

**_Raymond James Trust Officers are client focused,subject matter fiduciary experts who are_** **_not_** **_responsible for any sales or wealthmanagement production goals._**

**Our ideal team member will:**

+ **Fulfillthe duties as a fiduciary or custodian in accordance with the terms of ourgoverning instruments, local law, and sound fiduciary principles.**

+ **Readand interpret trust and testamentary instruments and handle theadministration of complex estate and trust accounts.**

+ **Interactwith our Financial Advisors and beneficiaries as appropriate** **in determining the investmentobjective, cash requirements for the account, and cash or in-kinddistribution.**

+ **Maintain records for annuitycontracts and life insurance held in trusts, Files death claims onannuity, life and pension contracts as necessary, and secures and confirmsbeneficiary information and notifications as necessary.**

**Essential Duties & Responsibilities:**

+ **Readsand interprets trust and testamentary instruments and acts in accordanceherewith.**

+ **Handlesadministration of more complex estate and trust accounts, including but notlimited to the following settlement duties:securing date of death valuations, securing information on specialtyassets, determining/paying creditors, filing final tax returns, payment ofadministrative expenses and specific bequests, calculation/distribution ofresidue to remainder beneficiaries and/or resulting trusts.**

+ **Knowsand utilizes applicable local law and tax law in the administration of revocableand irrevocable trusts and decedent's estates.**

+ **Maintainsa thorough knowledge and understanding of trust accounting principles.**

+ **Maintainstechnical abilities for the purposes of monitoring and administering personaltrusts and estates. This includes theuse of trust accounting and management software as well as word processing andspreadsheet programs.**

+ **Confirmsasset transfers and real estate recordings.**

+ **Effectivelyinteracts with Financial Advisors in the defining of the investment goals andrequirements for the achievement of trust objectives, the establishment of anappropriate asset allocation, and the selection of investments suitable to theachievement of trust purposes.**

+ **Filesdeath claims on annuity, life and pension contracts as necessary.**

+ **Securesand confirms beneficiary information and notifications as necessary.**

+ **Participatesin Trust Committee and exercises sound judgment in the acceptance and executionof administrative functions.**

+ **Reviewsaccounts on a daily basis through the use of the administrative officer's trialbalance.**

+ **Monitorsand takes action with respect to accounts as required.**

+ **Performsother duties and responsibilities as assigned.**

**Knowledge, Skills, andAbilities:**


+ **Principlesof trust and estate administration and estate planning.**


+ **Communicatingwith associates at all levels as well as an array of clients and beneficiaries.**

+ **Draftingwritten correspondence.**


+ **Functionin a professional office environment.**

+ **Demonstrateefficiency and flexibility in performing detailed transactional tasks in afast-paced work environment with frequent interruptions and changingpriorities.**

+ **Reasonand make decisions with limited supervision.**

+ **Provideefficient service to clients internal and external.**

+ **Dealwith professionals such as Financial Advisors, attorneys, and CPA's.**

**Educational/PreviousExperience Requirements:**

**Bachelor's Degreefrom a four-year college or university and four (4) years of trust or estate administrationexperience.**


**Any equivalentcombination of experience, education, and/or training approved by HumanResources.**


**None required.**

**_About Raymond James Trust:_**

**_Raymond James Trust, N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary ofRaymond James Financial, Inc. (NYSE-RJF) which provides financial services toindividuals, corporations and municipalities. Raymond James Trust wasestablished in 1992, and under its national charter, may serve as trustee,co-trustee, custodian, personal representative or agent to trustee in a widevariety of trust and estate situations in every U.S. state. With seven officesin the United States, Raymond James Trust has over $5 billion in assets underadministration._**

**Job:** _Administrative & Support Services_

**Organization:** _Raymond James Trust Company Admin_

**Title:** _Associate Trust Officer - Settlement_

**Location:** _FL-St. Petersburg-Saint Petersburg_

**Requisition ID:** _1903297_

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