Vault Teller/clerk




Check identifying numbers or seals on bags of deposits and/or change shipments against the receiptsaccompanying each bag, or against the listing provided for such bags, boxes or containers.
Count items, record amounts and serial numbers, sign and date receipts and manifests.
Load/unload wagons or flat bed carts with bags/boxes of coin weighing an average of 50 lbs. peritem. Function is performed several times during a 6 to 10 hour shift, 5 to 6 days per week.
Load/unload buggies containing bags of currency/checks weighing an average of 50 lbs. per item.Function is performed several times during a 6 to 10 hours shift, 5 to 6 days per week.
Sort individual cargo items by route.
Communicate verbally with co-workers and with customers via telephone.PERFORMANCE OF THE ABOVE FUNCTIONS REQUIRES:
Ability to push/pull wagons, carts, buggies, dollies loaded with cargo weighing up to several hundredpounds.
Unrestricted ability to repetitiously bend, stoop, squat, stand, walk, climb, twist, turn, and reach out.
Ability to perform repetitious lifting of items weighing an average of 50 lbs. each from floor level toapproximately 4-foot high counter top.
Ability to repetitiously bend (stoop and/or squat) to lift items weighing an average of 50 lbs. each toload/unload wagons, carts, buggies or dollies.
Ability to maintain a stooped or squatting position for several minutes to perform the sorting function.
Ability to walk continuously between bins, vaults, booths, counters.
Ability to stand on concrete floor approximately 80 percent of shift.
Ability to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with co-workers andcustomers, and to read receipts, manifests and reports.
Ability to sign and record numbers by hand and to make entries on records and prepare reports.
Ability to count, add, subtract and balance columns of numbers.
Ability to meet State requirements for handgun license/permit or Security Officer Commission.
Skills / Qualifications Required:
WORKING CONDITIONS:Full-time schedule can consist of 45 to 50 hours per week.Full-time employees will be assigned to work a minimum of 5 days anytime during a 7-day period.Work is performed within an enclosed area with little or no visibility to the outdoors. Work area is airconditioned/heated (68-72 degree temperature range) with periodic high noise levels. Possible exposureto gasoline/diesel fumes.

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