Cudd Energy Services



Operates Nitrogen Pump, Combo Unit Pump, performs Level 2 Maintenance, and sets up and operates Data Acquisition System (DAS).Demonstrated competency in operations of job specific equipment. Perform level-2 maintenance, as necessary. Demonstrated competency in the use and operation of Data Acquisition System (DAS). Understand and perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections, as needed. Follow manager guidance concerning all Nitrogen related operations. Executes various Nitrogen Pumping operations, which may include pre-job and preparation, mobilization, rig up, on site operations, rig down, on-site maintenance, safety, environmental assurance, de-mobilization, and post job inventories and maintenance. Responsible for ensuring that all equipment assigned is properly functioning and all applicable procedures and tests. Responsible for performing any and all tubing services job duties for which they have been trained and are qualified to perform, including general labor, as necessary. Other duties as assigned.Equal Opportunity Employer

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