Housekeeper Cleaner

ADP - RNOOID0024702229

San Jose,CA


Job Description

JOB TITLE: Housekeeper Cleaner

REPORTS : Shop Manager/Owner


Performs routine duties in cleaning and servicing of guest rooms and baths under supervision of shop manager/owner. Room attendant promotes a positive image of the property to guests and must be pleasant, honest, friendly and should also able to address needs as possible.


  1. Enters and prepares the room for cleaning.

  2. Makes bed.

  3. Dusts the room and furniture.

  4. Replenishes guestroom and bath supplies.

  5. Cleans the bathroom.

  6. Cleans the closet.

  7. Vacuums and mops the floors.

  8. Checks and secures the rooms.

  9. Replenish amenities according to the operational standards.

  10. Deliver and retrieve items on loan to guests e.g. iron and ironing boards

  11. Ensure security of guest rooms and privacy of guests

  12. Perform rotation cleaning duties (e.g. spring cleaning, super cleaning etc.) as required

  13. Cleans bathroom/bed room/floor.

  14. Responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of work area.

  15. Responsible for the property in the work area.

  16. Responsible for following the standard operating procedures.

  17. Resonsible for achiving and exeeding the guest satisfaction score.


Education: A secondary school diploma is preferred, Physical mobility and stamina required, Able to lift 15 to 35 pounds, Ability to follow instruction, Detail-oriented, Professional attitude is required, Ability to work independently, Flexible schedule.

Experience: Previous hotel-related experience

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