The Country Club

Chestnut Hill,MA


Under the direction of the Housekeeping Manager, the Housekeeper is responsible for the cleanliness of an assigned area of the club and required to follow cleaning assignments.

Primary Responsibilities:

* Sweep and wash floor, vacuum carpets, dust furniture, polish, trash pick-up, clean door, handles and push bars
* Gather and restock supplies for designated areas
* Laundry as assigned
* Dust baseboards, ledges, window sills, banisters, woodwork and mantles
* Polish brass handles, push bars and furniture in designated areas
* Responsible for cleaning urinals and/or bathroom stalls in designated areas
* Clean light fixtures, lamps/shades, and air vents
* Sweep, mop and organize basements in assigned areas (Clubhouse, Myopia, etc.)
* Cleans shower stalls in designated areas
* Sweep, mop and dust railings on all fire stairs and open areas in garage building
* Clean and organize supply room
* Clean function chairs and high chairs
* Polish brass and silver chandeliers
* Clean photos, glass viewing areas and trophy cabinets
* Clean/tidy up all food and beverage service areas (includes between meal periods)
* Housekeeping evening attendant for wedding and special events
* Additional duties/ projects as assigned by management
* Seasonal responsibilities may include cleaning inside windows, clean and stock fireplaces (fall and winter), sweep terraces and porches (spring and summer), clean and prepare seasonal areas for service: Paddle Hut, Myopia, Golf Locker Building, Skeet Hut, Bowling Green Shed, Fitness, Pool Locker Rooms, Hut on the Hill and on-course golf restroom, as well as other areas as needed; polish trophies, vacuum drapes


* Knowledge on general cleaning procedures
* Self-motivated, attentive to details, pleasant disposition
* Knowledge of English and Spanish languages is preferred

Physical Requirements:

* Must be able to stand and walk for 8 to 10 hours
* Must be able to lift 30 pounds
* Must be able to bend and reach
* Must be able to operate cleaning equipment
* Must be able to tolerate cold and hot weather

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