Food Services (Part Time)

Rochester Regional Health




  • Compassionate, warm and patient focused
  • Critical thinking skills, decisive judgment and the ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Exceptional documentation skills and professional behavior
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment


  • 1. Follows all safety and sanitation requirements as outlined in department along with MSDS sheet and according to HACCP regulations.
  • 2. Organizes, operates, cleans and stores equipment at assigned station following established diagrams and work sheets. Follows standardized recipes and daily food production orders, assuring proper portion control.
  • 3. Assembles patient/cafeteria meals efficiently and effectively according to established diagrams and worksheets, utilizing correct utensils.
  • 4. Completes position specific documentation to ensure appropriate production amounts, food temperature and maintenance of sanitation standards.
  • 5. Disposes of food, paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass waste according to established guidelines. Completes appropriate pre-service checklist and maintains daily temperature documentation to ensure safe food handling and ware washing procedures.
  • 6. Maintains refrigerator and storage space in a properly stocked and rotated manner labeling and dating products to ensure use in first in/first out basis.
  • 7. Complete assigned cleaning responsibilities per designated position and stocks station appropriate for next shift.
  • 8. Performs all aspects of job in an environment that optimizes patient, customer and environmental safety and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and compliance efforts.
  • 9. Promptly notifies appropriate resource of safety, sanitation and/or customer satisfactions issues that require intervention beyond own responsibility. Maintains confidentiality of position-acquired information.
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