Star Lake Camp Grounds Associate

Salvation Army




The Grounds Associate works directly under the Facilities Supervisor. As directed, is responsible for the care, treatment, repair and replacement of the grounds of the Star Lake Complex. This position is a non-professional, hourly rate position.



  • Assists with the security of the site and equipment
  • As directed, implements repairs, as needed, on all equipment and grounds
  • As directed, implements repairs, in response to any health and safety violations
  • Ensures all safety guidelines are followed. Including standards directed by OSHA, The Salvation Army, industry standards, ACA, State of New Jersey, & Dept. of Health.


  • The Grounds Associate is responsible to see that equipment is maintained in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Must have knowledge of the use, proper handling, repair and maintenance of power tools, hand tools, equipment and machinery.
  • As directed, ensure that all garbage is regularly cleared from the receptacles around the camp and disposed of in a proper manner.
  • Ensure that the dump area on the site is kept free from debris and in a presentable condition.
  • Assists with all custodial maintenance projects as directed by the Facilities Supervisor
  • As directed, ensure that all benches on the site are maintained, cleaned and cared for, as well as maintain and clean bridges, farm deck, porches, wood pathways, fire circle seats.
  • As directed, ensure that playground areas are properly mulched as per standards.
  • Move picnic tables, benches, garbage cans as directed.
  • Keep roads well maintained and clear of debris.
  • Maintain lawns by mowing and trimming grass.
  • Complete any and all duties as assigned by the Facilities Supervisor.
  • Scheduled to work from 8:00 AM 4:00 pm five days per week. The typical work week will be Mon-Fri., however this schedule may be altered to accommodate special weekend events and summer camp. In addition, the mechanical worker will also be on call for emergencies or special needs.

  • Minimum two years of experience as a maintenance worker with emphasis on grounds maintenance.
  • Thorough knowledge of field related to camp ground maintenance. (i.e. trees, lawns, shrubs, flowers, waterfronts, trails)
  • Valid Driver s License and experience with truck and grounds specific equipment.
  • Familiar with guidelines associated with American Camping Association and Health and Safety codes

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