Plasma Spray Operator

Allied Reliability Group




Performs a variety of duties to develop schedules, sets up and sprays component parts with plasma in order to build up worn parts or to salvage defective machined parts, achieving quality standards and meeting customer specifications.


  • Performs a variety of duties to plan, set up and spray parts to meet production requirements. Performs multiple and varied tests to develop schedules and parameters for new product lines and to evaluate new materials. Uses judgment in determining proper flow and speed of spray for the best results and compliance with all specifications. Obtain laboratory approval of new sprays and processes. Works with other departments in the development of required fixtures for new product lines.
  • Runs a daily test coupon for laboratory evaluation and approval for specific metals to be sprayed. Receives part and verifies part against router. Cleans part as required, to ensure part is free from impurities such as grease or paint. Grit blasts as necessary to prepare part for spraying. Masks part to ensure against overspray. Selects proper nozzle size and screws nozzle into place on metalizing gun. Positions and clamps gun to carriage.
  • Determines parameters, powder type and wire type for spraying part using overhaul manuals and company baseline. Determines settings for gasses, amps and voltage. Sets table speed, gun travel speed gun distance from part. Makes necessary adjustments to ensure quality standards and specifications are met.
  • Performs set-up procedures. Sets speed of wire feed, air pressure, flow of oxygen and fuel in accordance with specifications. Ignites gases and release compressed air to initiate spraying.
  • Proceeds with spraying; monitors continually to detect any problems with flow during the process. Uses micrometer, dial calipers, and vernier calipers to measure finished part to determine conformance to specifications.
  • Operates hand-held sprayer as required to fill cracks, holes, or to reach parts that are difficult to spray with automated sprayer.
  • Performs routine maintenance and cleaning of spray equipment, checking for wear on hoses, guns, nozzles, and replacing parts as required. Tears down and rebuilds hoppers and guns, as needed.
  • Detects faulty operations and materials along with other problems to immediate supervisor. Maintains good housekeeping practices on machines and in work area. Complies with all company and safety rules and regulations. Wears necessary personal protective equipment as required.
  • Actively participates in cross-training, cost savings and team activities to improve processes. Maintains appropriate tack and diplomacy in dealing with co-workers, team members and supervisors.
  • Performs all other similar or related duties as required.


  • Use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and the division of numbers including decimals and fractions; simple use of manuals, specifications, use of adjustable measuring instruments where interpretation is required involving basic skills knowledge.


  • Over 1 year up to and including 3 years.

Initiative and Ingenuity:

  • Use of judgment to plan, perform and make decisions as to the sequence of set-ups, operations and processes within the limits of recognized standard methods or procedures.

Physical Demand:

  • Moderate physical demand frequently (over 40% and up to 70%) lifting or moving average weight material (over 25 lbs. and up to 60 lbs.).

Mental or Visual Demand:

  • Continuous mental and visual attention; usually repetitive work or diversified operations requiring constant alertness or activity.

Working Conditions:

  • Good shop working conditions. Exposed to any number of elements but none present to the extent of being disagreeable.



Job Requirements:

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