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General Akron Job Information

There are several large companies that offer part-time and full-time jobs in Akron, OH, for a wide range of roles. The Greater Akron Chamber works with area schools to teach skills the city’s workers need. These programs strengthen the local economy and help businesses prosper and hire.

Major Companies in Akron

Many Akron jobs are in:

Large companies in these fields account for much of the city’s employment. There are also many small businesses offering jobs near Akron, Ohio.

Tire Manufacturing & Service Jobs

Earning Akron the nickname “the Rubber City,” Goodyear and Bridgestone are two of the largest local providers of part-time and full-time jobs. Positions often involve mechanical work or customer service, so there are plenty of warehouse and sales jobs in Akron, Ohio. Entry-level roles include:


  • Automotive Tire Maintenance Technician
  • Retail Sales Teammate


  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Production Associate

Education Jobs

Area schools and colleges provide full-time and part-time jobs in Akron, Ohio. While some University of Akron jobs are only for students, others are open to the public. Common positions involve food service, maintenance, or aiding students and staff.

University of Akron

  • Assistant Building Services Worker
  • Student Library Assistant

Health Jobs

At its local headquarters, GOJO manufactures health and hygiene products, including the Purell brand. This creates many warehouse jobs in Akron, Ohio.

Nursing jobs and entry-level positions are plentiful at the area’s three major hospitals: Summa Health System, Cleveland Clinic-Akron General, and Akron Children’s. A background in healthcare may be preferred for some careers.


  • Machine Operator
  • Warehouse Associate

Summa Health System

  • Dispatcher
  • Patient Access Rep

Transportation Jobs

Transportation is another industry hiring in Akron, Ohio. Several national companies thrive in the city. For example, driving apps open up many new positions in the region. Also, public transportation systems in Akron need CSRs, drivers, and mechanics.

Driver Jobs with app companies such as:

Public Transit or Akron Metro Jobs including:

  • Bus Operator
  • Customer Service Representative


For shipping industry jobs, Akron area FedEx locations hire employees in several different roles. Entry-level work often involves unloading and loading trucks or package delivery. There are plenty of part-time and full-time opportunities.


  • Dock Worker
  • Driver Apprentice


Part-time jobs in retail are another popular source of jobs in Akron. Department stores like Walmart and wholesale clubs including BJ’s offer entry-level work in a variety of roles. Common duties involve stocking shelves and running cash registers.


  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier & Front End

BJ’s Wholesale Club

  • Gas Station Team Member
  • Deli Clerk

Food Service

Akron offers many dining options, which are also great choices for entry-level work. Fast food jobs are good for those starting out. Even part-time wait staff at local eateries can earn decent hourly wages thanks to tips. These jobs grant experience in fast-paced environments.


  • Crew Member
  • Maintenance Person


Finding Work in Akron

Strong ties to several major industries means that local employers regularly hire for Akron area jobs. There are plenty of shipping, food service, and retail jobs for new workers. With growth projected for many Summit County companies, entry-level candidates can start an exciting job search in Akron, Ohio.

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