How to Get a Job in Lorain, OH

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Getting Jobs in Lorain, Ohio

Since the 1800s, Lorain has been a hub for steelmaking. The area’s branch of U.S. Steel is a huge piece of its identity. It is a leading Lorain job provider as well.

However, Lorain County jobs aren’t limited to manufacturing. The city is a cross-section of suburban and rural life. Thus, there are careers in everything from farming to customer service.

Top Industries in Lorain

Local employment rates continue to rise year after year. This opens up more entry-level Lorain jobs in the following industries:

In these fields, work focuses on customer support and services. A Lorain County job is an excellent way to start a career.

Automotive Jobs

While some require training, the auto industry has plenty of jobs for workers right out of high school. For example, the Ohio Assembly plant located in Avon Lake employs a lot of people, many of whom hold entry-level positions. Car dealerships also need a variety of employees, as do rental companies.

Ford Motor Company

  • Human Resources Associate
  • Marketing and Design Assistant

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • Service Agent
  • Driver

An entry-level job at a Ford plant or dealer can bring experience in engineering or sales. Enterprise has multiple nearby locations, such as Amherst. With part-time and full-time options, these employers offer room to grow.

Healthcare Jobs in Lorain

Nursing roles are available in spades in the county. Inexperienced workers shouldn’t have trouble breaking into the health field though. Two major hospitals have been providing jobs in Lorain, Ohio for over 100 years. Elyria Memorial Hospital has several campuses in the vicinity.

EMH Regional Medical Center

Mercy Regional Medical Center

Jobs like this are just as important to patient comfort as nurses and doctors. As an added bonus, they often come with medical insurance for part-time and full-time employees.

Higher Education Work

Home to the historic Oberlin College, Lorain County values the culture that education brings to communities. Such institutions help people get the training they need to further their careers. They hire employees with varying skill levels too. Lots of entry-level jobs open up on university campuses.

Oberlin College

  • Grill Cook for On-Campus Restaurant
  • Custodial Staff

Lorain County Community College

Sometimes these colleges offer schooling as part of the job benefits. Workers can keep part-time jobs and earn credits toward degrees.

Manufacturing Jobs in Lorain, Ohio

Steel isn’t the only industry in the area. In fact, a large percentage of Lorain County jobs come from manufacturing centers. Entry-level work is available in anything from medical equipment to polymer.


  • Customer Service Rep
  • Sales Team Member


  • Marketing Intern
  • PR Assistant

The long industrial history of Lorain County provides job security. Additionally, for every entry-level worker, there’s an employee with skills and knowledge to pass on.

No End to the Lorain Job Opportunities

In recent years, most of the leading companies in Lorain County have grown their presence in the region. Any worker, from those with just a high school diploma to seasoned professionals, can find employment in a chosen trade.

Using resources like application form guides and comprehensive career listings to apply, a job in Lorain, Ohio is only a couple clicks away.

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